"Rest for Resistance" Print Zine

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This high-quality zine is a 32-page showcase of greatest hits from R4R's first year.

Keep this advice close to your heart. Or pick it up to own the QTIBIPOC community-centered art and photography.

All featured writers and artists in the zine are transgender people of color. Your purchase directly supports us in creating more work to uplift marginalized communities.

•  "We Are Not Machines" by Juhee Kwon
•  "Tending to Mental Health at My Intersections" by Hablo Rodriguez Williams
•  "Self-Preservation as an Act of Self-Care" by Eve Moreno
•  "Accountability for Internalized Abuse: Moving closer to self-love" by Dom Chatterjee
•  "White Transness Hurts Black Trans Girls" By Clara Mejias
•  "Smarter Than Your Therapist? How to Get What You Came for Anyway" by Lance Hicks
•  "Why Healing is Valuable Work" by Shivani Seth
•  "Don't Just Rest – HALT to Get Through Difficult Days" by Dominic Bradley

Love our zine? You can also read the content free online, along with other writing and art by LGBTQ+ people of color: www.restforresistance.com

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