8" x 8" Zine by QTPoC Mental Health

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This high-quality zine is a 32-page showcase of greatest hits from R4R's first year. Keep this advice close to your heart. Or pick it up for the incredible art and photography!

All featured writers and artists in the zine are transgender people of color. Your purchase directly supports us in creating more work to uplift marginalized communities.

•  "We Are Not Machines" by Juhee Kwon
•  "Tending to Mental Health at My Intersections" by Hablo Rodriguez Williams
•  "Self-Preservation as an Act of Self-Care" by Eve Moreno
•  "Accountability for Internalized Abuse: Moving closer to self-love" by Dom Chatterjee
•  "White Transness Hurts Black Trans Girls" By Clara Mejias
•  "Smarter Than Your Therapist? How to Get What You Came for Anyway" by Lance Hicks
•  "Why Healing is Valuable Work" by Shivani Seth
•  "Don't Just Rest – HALT to Get Through Difficult Days" by Dominic Bradley

Love our zine? You can also read the content free online, along with other writing and art by LGBTQ2IA people of color: www.restforresistance.com

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